Fair & Compliant Manufacturing Practices - Our Promise to You

Very often potential customers voice their concerns regarding manufacturing practices in our very own overseas factory located in India. We don't want to shy away from this conversation. The truth is that we are very sensitive and committed to this cause and have been doing so since our inception in 2001. 
One of the reasons that IndicusBag has been a five star rated supplier in the promotional industry for the past 12 years is because of the quality control and production flexibility we gain from having our own manufacturing facility. During the first five years of IndicusBag, we rented a small facility part of the the industrial production hub in Mumbai, India. However, in 2005, as our business and needs grew, we moved our manufacturing facility to a remote village in the state of Haryana within India - the birthplace of the founder of IndicusBag. 
The mission was to bring work close to the underprivileged and deprived class of the society in general, but more specifically to empower the women in the village with financial independence - women who were not permitted to seek work beyond the boundaries of their village. It took personal connection and a lot of effort to convince the locals to consider and allow their female family members to work at our factory. Our continued efforts to make the working environment more conducive for women soon started showing positive results. With continuous training and improved working environment, today more than half of our facility staff is women from the village. This experiment has worked as a breakthrough for neighboring communities and we are proud to make this social change successfully. Since then, we have moved our factory to a more central location in New Delhi.
Please click here to see photos of our factory and see this successful experiment in action!
We take child labor laws very seriously and firmly believe that the stereotype of factories in developing countries employing children will change only when manufacturers and facility owners take responsiblity and commit to sustainable and fair labor practices.
We are open to having you inspect our manufacturing facility to ensure it meets your standards, just ask!
For our clients that prefer domestic products, Indicusbag has joined hands with TradeWinds Services ( www.tradewindsnwi.org ) to deliver Made in USA bags. TradeWindsprovides training and employment to people with disabilities in order for them to accomplish personal goals. TradeWinds is an AbilityOne Program Certified company qualified for Defense Contracts.