Custom Orders

 No order is too small, too big or too soon to be considered a custom solution. Give us a chance to get you exactly what you are looking for. Our 5-star customer service will ensure you receive a custom quote within 24 hours of your submitted inquiry.

We will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need and when you need it.  With over 18 yrs of experience, and an unblemished track record you will be happy you came to us. You just simply place the order and we do the rest.

We do all of this at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you because we are the OVERSEAS FACTORY, THE IMPORTER and THE SUPPLIER, with a flawless track record of delivering the order as and when promised WITHOUT exceptions.

Dealing with an overseas factory in Asia, particularly in India could be testing. In case you are dealing with an Indian Factory directly, our staff in India may help you with baby sitting a project or carry out Inspections on your behalf as well.

As a manufacturer/supplier, we save you the trouble related with dealing with an overseas factory, importing, uncertainty of meeting deadlines, running the risk of quality control among other issues.

We offer solutions to all your custom requirements at most competitive prices by

  • Keeping tight control on our manufacturing costs and overheads.
  • No middleman (face it, your average supplier IS a middleman)
  • Through a strong focused commitment from our staff (domestic and abroad), our operations, overhead and expenditures are kept to a "precise science" minimum.

As a result, we are proud to boast a tried, tested and proven track record in fulfilling or exceeding all requirements on quality and delivery.  Some say that this type of service has to have a price associated with it.  To be honest, it does - you'll find yourself wanting to return to us on a repeated basis!!

Lead Times
Depending upon the materials and size of the orders, the lead times run 75 - 105 days by ocean. The lead times can be reduced to 30 - 60 days by air freight. Our quotes will include air freight wherever applicable.

Please call with your custom needs. Given our own manufacturing facility and production scheduling control, we are confident that we can deliver high quality at most competitive prices.